22 May 2014

Teaching Kits for Intellectual Property and Patents

If you would like your students to know more about Intellectual Property (IP) and Patents, you can now borrow Teaching Kits prepared by the European Patent Office (EPO) from the Library.

Each kit consists of a CD/USB stick with a complete PowerPoint presentation (including optional subject-related examples), speaking notes, and background information to help you answer student questions.  No prior knowledge of IP or Patents is required to use the kits, which can be used straight from the box, or modified to suit your particular needs (provided the EPO is credited).

You can borrow the IP Teaching Kit and the Patent Teaching Kit from the Library, or you can order your personal copy via the EPO website.  

Also available from the Library is an Intellectual Property Course Design Manual, for those who wish to teach in more depth, as well a large number of books about IP.

If you would like to know more about the IP and Patent Teaching Kits, you can add yourself to the waiting list for a "Train the Trainer" course run by the Centre for Staff & Graduate Development.

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