29 May 2009

Final year students-clear your library record!

Attention all final year students!
Please remember to return all your Library books and pay off any outstanding fines by June 16th 2009.
Your co-operation is appreciated, as failure to do so may unfortunately result in your degree certificate being withheld. If you have any questions about this please contact library@aston.ac.uk

26 May 2009

Problems logging in to electronic resources off-campus?

In the majority of cases, you should only need your Aston University network username and password (the same one you use to log on to PCs on campus and your email) to log in to electronic databases and journals. Very few resources require a separate username and password and a list of these with login details can be found in the Electronic Resources section of Library Matters on Blackboard.

For instructions on logging in to each database, go to Aston e-Library, search for the database in the Find Resource section and follow the instructions given in the "i" information icon next to each resource. For example, the instructions for accessing Science Direct read "For off-campus access click on Athens/Other Institution login; select UK Access Management Federation; then Aston University; enter your Aston University network username and password." Each database follows a slightly different access route.

You can also find instructions for logging on to each e-journal using Find e-Journal, searching for the journal you need and clicking on its title. Alternatively, if you are having problems logging into any specific resources, please add a comment to this post and we’ll give you instructions.

22 May 2009

Quiet study space

Need a quiet place to revise or make last minute alterations to your dissertation? No space in the Library? The Chaplaincy are offering a quiet, informal study space, plus the offer of tea or coffee. There is no need to book, but for further information please email chaplaincy@aston.ac.uk

18 May 2009

New books for Library

At this time of year, the Library needs to spend any funds remaining in its resources budget. Our Information Specialists work hard with Academic staff to ensure that the right books are available on the shelves, but it is also useful to have suggestions from students. You may have come across useful books as part of your reading for your course or would like us to purchase extra copies of particular books, if so please let us know by either commenting on this post or by creating your own post.
We will only consider books that relate to courses studied at Aston as we are, unfortunately, unable to purchase books for recreational reading. Information Specialists reserve the right not to purchase any title recommended on the grounds of cost, relevance or availability.
We are particularly keen for your suggestions for books relating to Maths.
Please contact the Library as soon as possible.

15 May 2009

Personal safety and security of belongings

Please do not leave any of your personal possessions in the Library whilst you go to an exam, even if you intend to return later. This restricts the number of study spaces available for other students who wish to revise.
Also, please do not leave anything valuable unattended in the Library as thefts do occur in the building.

24 hour opening and exam revision

The Library is open 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (closed Saturday 5:00pm - Sunday 11:00am) for you to revise for exams.
24 hour opening will continue until 26th June to allow for postgraduate examinations.
Please remember that even when you have finished all your exams, there will still be other students who are still revising and Library staff will continue to enforce silent study on floors 2 and 3.


Remember to register for your SCONUL Access card.
This will allow you to use a university library close to your placement or home address. If you are part time or on placement, this will also allow you to borrow a limited number of books. Full time undergraduates will only be able to use other libraries on a reference only basis.
Please visit http://www1.aston.ac.uk/lis/usingotherlibs/ for details and visit Enquiries to get your membership card.