7 September 2018

Publish Gold Open Access for free!

Dear academics/researchers

Aston is part of the UK Springer Compact agreement; this scheme allows corresponding authors from Aston to publish both original research and review papers with immediate Open Access (OA) in over 2000 Springer subscription journals without any additional cost (beyond our annual subscription) or local School assessment. Once your paper is accepted, Springer will send you a link to their ‘MyPublication’ form where all you need to do is select your affiliation; a CC BY licence will then be applied to your paper making it fully Gold OA, and also easily REF/funder compliant. 

We look forward to you using the scheme!

Please contact openaccess@aston.ac.uk with any questions.

Open Choice © Maksim Kabakou, iStockphoto

Kind regards

Research Services Team, Library Services.

15 August 2018

Open Science at Aston - a new LibGuide

An exciting new LibGuide has been created by the Research Services Team which explains the concepts around Open Science - http://libguides.aston.ac.uk/openscience.

Open Science is the practice of researching in such a way that others can collaborate and contribute throughout the research process; and it encompasses all fields not just STEM.

The concept starts in the early stages of research by making research data freely available, continuing through the peer review and open access publication processes, to the further dissemination of knowledge through freely available software and open educational materials.

So, please take a look at the new guide which contains links to many other LibGuides where you can find details of the various processes and workflows involved.

11 July 2018

*NEW* Research Bites 2018

Research Bites 2018

Aston University Library Research Bites series is now under way.  Dr Jeanette Lilley a Professional Development Advisor in the Graduate School, has spoken about the ethics and codes of practice when publishing in journals.  Iwan Griffiths, MSc Business Careers Consultant discussed the Research Student Career Essentials. The full programme is available via the Research Bites LibGuide. Please take a look and book to attend.