29 May 2015

Research Data Management: what do you need to know?

Aston University now has a Research Data Management (RDM) policy, setting out the expectations that the University has of researchers with regards to the management of data arising from their research and the roles of the various individuals or services that will support this during the lifecycle of research data.

Research data are defined as factual records, which may take the form of numbers, symbols, text, images or sounds, used as primary sources for research, and that are commonly accepted in the research community as necessary to validate research findings.

In line with the RCUK Common Principles on Data Policy, Aston's policy recognises that research data arising from publicly-funded research should be treated as a public good, and made available to others wherever possible. We have begun to publish datasets supporting published research.

If you would like to know more about RDM, there is a suite of web pages to help you, covering the benefits of RDM, Data Management Plans, and Funders' Data Policies, or contact researchdata@aston.ac.uk or your Information Specialist for advice.

MyiLibrary downtime on Saturday

A maintenance shut down is scheduled for the MyiLibrary e-book platform on Saturday 30th May.
There will be no access to any MyiLibrary content between the hours of 1pm and 7pm on this day.

21 May 2015

Library will be open 24 hours on Bank Holiday Monday 25th May

The Library will be open 24 hours on Bank Holiday Monday 25th May on a self-service only basis (Help desk will be closed.)
Please remember to bring your uniCARD as day passes won't be available. 
Your safety and security is important to us, so please also make sure you look after your belongings in the Library at all times.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend. 
Library Team

5 May 2015

Library - Attention all students graduating July 2015

Message from the Library

If you are graduating in July please can you check your Library Record and make sure that you return any books that you still have out on loan, by Friday 12 June. 
Please can you also check to see whether you have any fines to pay.  If so, please pay off your fines online: http://www.aston.ac.uk/library/online-fine-payment/
or by using the self-service machines in the Library.

If you have reserved books that you no longer require, then please cancel the reservations via your Library Record, or contact us so that we can cancel the reservations on your behalf.

Your co-operation is appreciated.  Failure to return books or pay off fines before you finish, will unfortunately result in your degree certificate being withheld.

If you need any assistance with any of this, then please email library@aston.ac.uk

Best of luck for your revision and exams, please remember to take regular breaks and ask Library staff if you need any help.

Library Public Services Team