25 January 2010

Market research / market share information

If you are looking for market research / market share information then try the following e-resources:

1. For consumer products, probably the easiest way is to go to GMID and do a text search for the company producing the product, or the product or brand itself and load all the results.

  • You can then go to Statistics section, then Company Shares or Brand Shares. This provides the market share information for global company brands.
  • Company reports on GMID include a competitive positioning section which includes market share information

2. Based on annual accounts you could use Fame (UK) or Orbis (Global). This is particularly useful if you know the companies you want to compare.

  • You could search for company names one by one (using expert search)
  • Add them to the search screen
  • Use Peer Analyses (click on pie chart) to bring up the market share according to turnover

3. Some market research reports include market share:

Problems logging-in to electronic resources off-campus

In the majority of cases, you should only need your Aston University network username and password (the same one you use to log on to PCs on campus and your email) to log in to electronic databases and journals. The Athens passwords are no longer in use. Very few resources require a separate username and password and a list of these with login details can be found in the Electronic Resources section of Library Matters on Blackboard.

For instructions on logging in to each database, go to Aston e-Library, search for the database in the Find Resource section and follow the instructions given in the "i" information icon next to each resource. For example, the instructions for accessing Science Direct read "For off-campus access click on Athens/Other Institution login; select UK Access Management Federation; then Aston University; enter your Aston University network username and password." Each database follows a slightly different access route.

You can also find instructions for logging on to each e-journal using Find e-Journal, searching for the journal you need and clicking on its title. Alternatively, if you are having problems logging into any specific resources, please add a comment to this post and we’ll give you instructions.

22 January 2010


Aston University now has a subscription to the FT.com for staff and students. When you first access the FT.com, you will need to complete an online registration form. In future, you can access the FT.com via the Aston e-Library.

EIU.com free trial extended to end of March 2010

There is currently a free trial to EIU.com resources for all Aston University staff and students to use (on-campus only). EIU.com provides country, business and management analysis.

The free trial will run until the end of March 2010. Please have a look at the resources and if you find them valuable, let us know by emailing library@aston.ac.uk.

(Remember Aston University already have a subscription to The Economist, which is available via http://www.eiu.com/aston.)

19 January 2010

Noisy Neighbours (in the Library)?

Floor 3 is silent study at the moment - if you find that you have noisy neighbours you can text a library attendant to deal with the problem, without leaving your seat.

Text 0121 204 4489 giving your family name, your student number, the floor you are sitting on and the word Noise.

Silence on Floor 3 of the Library

Thank you all for keeping Floor 3 silent.
There is a really studious atmosphere up there at the moment.
This is the perfect place if you are revising alone.

6 January 2010

Wed, 6th Jan to Fri, 8 2010 - Opening Hours

Wed, 6 January to Fri, 8 January inclusive - the Library will close at 22:00 each evening to enable staff to travel home safely (temperatures are expected to fall to -4°C)

4 January 2010

Availability of Essential Textbooks for BF1101 ‘Principles of Financial Accounting’

Students may have noticed that the essential textbooks for BF1101 are not available for loan at present.

The library has ordered multiple copies of ‘Frank Woods Bookkeeping and Accounts’ and these will be available for loan soon.

However we will not have copies of Dr Basioudis' ‘Financial Accounting: A Practical Introduction’ until January at the earliest due to publisher’s release dates.

The two books are available as a package at a special price in the University bookshop on the ground floor of Dalton Tower.