22 January 2010


Aston University now has a subscription to the FT.com for staff and students. When you first access the FT.com, you will need to complete an online registration form. In future, you can access the FT.com via the Aston e-Library.


  1. Hi , may I ask what is the Pin number?

  2. HI, I am trying to access the FT.com and the following message shows up:
    To activate your subscription membership, simply enter the PIN you have received in the box below and complete the form with your details. If you have previously registered or subscribed to FT.com, you can use your existing username and password with this new subscription, if you wish. As a subscriber you will receive a monthly email newsletter on key FT.com stories and features.

    May I know how could I get the PIN number?

  3. Hello Natalie
    I'm afraid Aston's subscription to FT.com has subsequently ended. However, you can still access the FT via a different database. Please see this blog post for more information: http://theblogworm.blogspot.com/2010/11/access-to-ftcom-now-discontinued.html