18 May 2009

New books for Library

At this time of year, the Library needs to spend any funds remaining in its resources budget. Our Information Specialists work hard with Academic staff to ensure that the right books are available on the shelves, but it is also useful to have suggestions from students. You may have come across useful books as part of your reading for your course or would like us to purchase extra copies of particular books, if so please let us know by either commenting on this post or by creating your own post.
We will only consider books that relate to courses studied at Aston as we are, unfortunately, unable to purchase books for recreational reading. Information Specialists reserve the right not to purchase any title recommended on the grounds of cost, relevance or availability.
We are particularly keen for your suggestions for books relating to Maths.
Please contact the Library as soon as possible.


  1. Spufford, Peter 2006, Power and Profit: The Merchant in Medieval Europe, Thames & Hudson

    Cunliffe, Barry 2008, Europe Between the Oceans: 9000 BC to AD 1000, Yale University Press

  2. Brown, Stuart & Vaughan, Christopher, 2009, Play:How it shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul. Avery Publishing Group
    IBSN-10: 1583333339
    Topic: Human Resources - how play can help develop a creative environment ( specifically Developing Creativity at Work 2nd year HR Module)

    Robinson, Ken & Aronica, Lou, 2009, The Element: How Finding your passion changes everything. Allen Lane
    ISBN-10: 1846141966

    Topic: Innovation and creativity (As above)

  3. Thank you for your request.

    I will check with the HR lecturers on whether the two books mentioned for the HR 2nd year module are appropriate for purchase.

    Anthony Greenwood
    Information Specialist
    Library & Information Services