2 May 2014

Library is open on Monday 5 May / study spaces for summer term

The Library is open 24/6 at the moment and the Library will also be open on Monday 5 May.  Please remember to bring your uniCARD with you on Monday as day passes won't be available.

Self-service facilities will be available as normal, although the Help desk won't be open.  If you have any queries about fines, reservations, book loans etc. then these can be dealt with today (Friday) until 17:00 or on Tuesday 6 May when the Help desk re-opens at 09:00.

Study spaces during summer term

Ground Floor: Group study
Floor 1: Silent study (excluding LDC)
Floor 2: Group study
Floor 3: Single silent study

If you have any problems with noisy neighbours in the Library please speak to a member of Library staff or text details to the phone number displayed on posters throughout the Library.  Please include details of where you are studying so that Library staff can assist. You can also email library@aston.ac.uk if you need any help.   

Tips to help maintain a good study environment for all

  • Space is valuable so please vacate your seat if you need to leave the Library
  • If you are leaving the Library, please ensure you take your uniCARD with you to swipe in again on your return 
  • Please have your uniCARD on you at all times to ensure it doesn't get misused / misplaced
  • Please do look after your personal belongings and don't leave valuable items unattended
  • Don't forget to regularly save your work to the Hdrive 
  • Look after your USB memory sticks
  • Cold snacks can be consumed on ground floor only 
  • Mobile phones can be used on ground floor
  • Phones can be switched to silent mode and used for texts only on upper floors 
  • Please remember to help keep the Library clean and tidy by disposing of rubbish in the bins provided
Due to our busy revision and examination period, please be aware that day passes are not available to non-Aston university students between 3 May - 29 June 2014.

If you have any comments or feedback about Library services please speak to staff or email library@aston.ac.uk

Best of luck for your revision and examinations during this period.

Library Public Services Team

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