20 May 2014

Do you use Fame or ORBIS? Wish you could upload your own list of companies?


Fame and ORBIS now have a new option called ‘Batch search’ to make it easier and quicker for you to search for more than one company at the same time.

You can use batch search if you want to search for more than one company by typing in their names, or you can upload details of up to 1,000 companies on Fame and 100 companies on ORBIS.

The database will automatically search for your companies and then will give you a list of suggestions. You can then:

  • Accept these suggestions and view them in a list
  • Accept these suggestions and save them as a company set
  • Manually check the companies  
 To help the database find the companies more accurately you can also add in some location information.

You’ll find the Batch search option in this menu (it can be at the right or left or your screen depending on your preference)

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