19 May 2014

Open Access publishing - a growth area at Aston

Open Access publishing is all about sharing research freely and openly. This not only benefits research communities and the general public but there are also clear benefits to individual researchers and their institutions. The infographic below highlights just some of the benefits and impacts of OA publishing.

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At Aston OA publishing is increasing. Here in the library we can administer payment for OA publishing, indeed we may also be able to pay for publishing costs from a special budget* - please contact Malcolm Horne, Open Access & Research Repository Specialist (m.horne@aston.ac.uk, x4506), for advice on this aspect. If you would like to know more about the general benefits of OA publishing please contact your Information Specialist in the library.

Many thanks to Safia Begum, Research Support Officer, for designing the infographic.
* An 'article processing charges' budget for a select number of journal articles.

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