31 March 2011


IBISWorld is one of the UK's richest source of business and industry information. IBISWorld Industry Reports are a useful tool to help write business plans, marketing plans, understand business strategy and to understand supply chain. This database provides independent, accurate, comprehensive, and current research on 100s of Industries in the UK, USA, Australia, China and Global Industry, including statistics, analysis and forecasts.

You can access IBISWorld through the Aston e-Library > Log in > Find Resource > Locate and type in IBISWorld.

Aston University Library has now extended trial access until the end of August 2011. If you use IBISWorld we would welcome your feedback on the product. Please send feedback to library@aston.ac.uk


  1. how can we access it off-campus?

  2. IBISWorld is only available on trial until June 2011 and so access off-campus is only permitted through the use of the University proxy server. Information on how to do this is available at http://www1.aston.ac.uk/lis/eis/passwords/ejournalsproxy/

    I have added this information to the IBISWorld details within the Aston e-Library.

  3. IBISWorld is amazing! Please keep it!

  4. yes it is valuable, please keep it!

  5. Is there any way of accessing this now that the trial period is over? there are some exclusive reports that cost over $900USD and I desperately need those.

  6. Nicola Dennis (Information Specialist)25 November 2011 at 13:27

    IBISWorld only allows access to the reports when an individual, organisation or academic insitution subscribes to the product or puts in a request to buy a report.

    Aston University Library already subscribes to a number of market research databases that may have similar information for your research needs.

    Access the Aston e-Library from the Library homepage and view Datamonitor reports or GMID reports. There is also a service called ReportLinker which is available from our electronic resources page: http://www1.aston.ac.uk/lis/eis/

    If you need further assistance please come in to the Library and speak to the staff on the Library Help Desk who will be happy to advise you.