31 March 2011

Book loans over the Easter vacation

Books will continue to be loaned for the normal seven day, one day or long loan period during the Easter vacation. They will need to be renewed online: https://library.aston.ac.uk/patroninfo or returned when due.

(No books will be due for return during the library closed period Friday, 22nd April to Tuesday, 26th April inclusive or between Friday, 29th April to Monday, 2nd May inclusive.)

Any book which cannot be renewed due to a reservation will need to be returned by post if necessary. Fines will be charged for late return.


  1. Why is the library closed on the Tuesday when it is not a bank holiday and is so close to exams?

  2. Tuesday 26th April is a University closure day, and the whole campus is closed. In recognition of the needs of students at this time of year, the Library will be open on the following bank holidays:

    10.00-17.00hrs on 29 April and 2 May

    Open 24 hours on the 30th May

    LIS staff recognise that there are issues around the traditional Easter closure and student revision, and will be entering into discussions about this for next year, as recorded at the recent Guild meeting. We are happy to record messages posted here as evidence to inform those discussions.

  3. The library may be open twenty four hours on May 30th, but this is of no benefit to final years who will have already finished.
    One wonders if the library is able to open on a 'self-service' basis over the Royal Wedding bank holiday weekend why this isn't the case for Easter Weekend, given the proximity to final year exams.

  4. Regarding opening hours over the Easter weekend:

    1) The Library is able to open on a self-service basis on 29 May, because this would have been a normal Friday if not for the Royal Wedding and so funding for the staffing is already in place (although we are reliant on the staff who have volunteered to work for that day).

    2) The Library has never previously been open over the Easter closed weekend, like the rest of the campus, so this year is no different to any other. We recognise that opening over this weekend would be advantageous to students, and will be examining if it can be done in future years. However, there is a cost implication to this, at a time when the Library’s budget is being reduced, not increased.

    3) We would not have been able to open this Easter anyway, because the building contractors required access to do final “snagging” works related to last summers refurbishment, including an electrical shutdown and drilling work to install cavity-wall insulation.

    Nick Smith

    Dr NR Smith
    Library & Information Services