6 June 2013

Library Refurbishment Phase 2, 2013 - Clearing the floors

Phase 2 of the Library Refurbishment has begun! Some of you studying in the Library may have already witnessed staff moving books from the 2nd Floor and reshelving them on the 1st Floor.  There are a number of offices, cupboards and teaching rooms which are being cleared including our Library Plant Room situated on the 3rd Floor.  Staff are working this weekend to erect shelving on the Ground Floor so that we will be ready to start moving 3rd Floor books next week.  We are documenting our refurbishment with photographs that are being uploaded regularly to Flickr.  Please view our latest montage at http://www.flickr.com/photos/lis_refurb/collections/

Library Refurbishment Photography Team
Kerstin, Nicola and Val

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