14 June 2013

Library Refurbishment Phase 2, 2013 - Book move completed!

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A team of Library Staff have been working hard over the weekend to erect shelving on the Ground Floor to accommodate the books from the 3rd Floor.  They were so fast that on Monday morning we were ahead of schedule.  By Wednesday the book move had been completed two days ahead of schedule.  You now need to look for books on the 1st Floor and Ground Floor of the Library.  The shelf numbers start from 001-531 on the 1st floor (includes LAW REF) and from 532-900 on the Ground Floor. 

Please note don't rely on our library catalogue records for the moment as they will need to be updated.  We will let you know when this has happened but in the meantime if you can't find a book please speak to a member of staff at the Library Help Desk.

Our non-active stock is being moved to storage and the Library shelving is now being dismantled on the 2nd and 3rd Floors. Furniture is being donated to charity, stored by the University or may even end up as a souvenir!

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