30 May 2013

Access to Library materials during the summer vacation

Dear Student

As you may know, the second and third floors of the library will be refurbished between June and October 2013, inclusive, which means that we have to find an alternative location for the books shelved on these floors.  After careful analysis of the options, we have decided that we will retain 40% of the books on the ground and first floors of the library during the refurbishment, but the other 60% will be stored in the GEM sports hall in crates and will be completely inaccessible during the project.

The books retained in the library will be the “more-active” books, based on analysis of usage over the last year, items on reading lists and our best estimate of likely demand.  Our judgement is that very few of the books stored in GEM will be required during the summer by postgraduate or undergraduate students.

Advice for students

We are confident that the following advice will lessen any possible adverse effects on students:
  • The “more-active” books will continue to be available in the library on the ground and first floors throughout the project. 
  • Library SmartSearch will indicate which books are available and will also enable you to find a large range of e-journal articles and e-books for your course topics and dissertations. 
  • As at any other time in your studies, it would be wise not to confine yourself to using physical books or journals held by the library, as we can only hold a limited amount of printed stock, and there are many more books and journals available in electronic versions.  If you need help or advice in finding or accessing e-resources please email library@aston.ac.uk
  • However, if you think that you will need certain printed books for your studies during the summer that are not on a reading list, you should borrow them as soon as possible, and definitely before 10th June, when the second and third floors of the library will close. 
  • From 28th May until 5th October 2013, there will be no limit on the number of books that postgraduates, researchers or staff can borrow. 
  • Print journals will be unavailable, but we will endeavour to borrow copies of any articles required by students, using the inter-library loan system. 
  • Books that are unavailable in GEM will not be accessible until the end of October, but we will endeavour to borrow any copies needed on inter-library loan, or purchase another copy urgently if it is still in print. 
  • Books may still be recalled for other borrowers. 

SCONUL Access Schemes

Please contact Mrs Anne Perkins (a.v.perkins@aston.ac.uk or ext. 4492) for more information about these schemes.

Alternative Study Space

During the summer vacation, alternative study space will be available as follows:
  • June - PG Examinations 3rd to 16th June
    For postgraduate students: MB PG suite: MB 225, 227, 229, 231, 234 and 246 (200 spaces)
    For all students: The Loft, Students' Union, MB 606 (80 spaces), MB 5th floor study area (60 spaces)
  • 17th to 21st June
    For postgraduate students: NW 109 (60 spaces)
    For all students: The Loft, Students' Union, MB 606, MB 5th floor study area
  • August/September - Referred Examinations 19th August to 6th September
    For postgraduate students: SW 309 (30 spaces) NW 109 (60 spaces), MB G8 (40 spaces)
    For all students: The Loft, Students' Union, MB 606, MB 5th floor study area

Library Refurbishment Phase 2

Floor plans and the project timeline are available on the Library website.
You can also follow the progress of phase two of the Library refurbishment as it happens, by viewing the photographs on Flickr.

Dr Nick Smith 
Director Library & Information Services

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