1 May 2013

New videos to help you keep up-to-date

Have you discovered Zetoc alerts? If not, Zetoc have recently produced a number of useful videos to introduce you to Zetoc and to show you how to make best use of the services available.
"Zetoc alerts are a very powerful and useful tool. It means that Zetoc tells you when new records that you might wish to review have arrived and takes you to them" 

See the full video here:

Zetoc have this to say about their Screencast Series:
"The Zetoc Screencast Series is intended to provide an introduction to the Zetoc service, and to assist Zetoc users to make full use of the service" 

You can view all the videos at the Zetoc website.

For more information about keeping up-to-date in your subject area, see the relevant tab in your LibGuide.

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