27 March 2014

Interested in Sustainability? View out the latest publications

The Sustainable Organization Library contains more than 8000 individually searchable chapters, case studies and journal papers drawn from more than 600 book and journal volumes, published by the leading independent sustainability publisher, Greenleaf Publishing, and a number of partner organizations. Each item carries its own metadata, which means that the collection is fully searchable at the chapter/article level.

The latest publications for 2014 are:
  •  Business Ethics Activity Book
  • Creating Social Value
  • Long Hedge - Preserving Organisational Value through Climate change Adaptat
  • Product-Service System Design for Sustainability
  • Responsible Leadership: Lessons From the Front Line of Sustainability and Ethic
  • Social Intrapreneurism and All That Jazz - How Business Innovators are Helping
Access these titles and more via our Database list

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