20 March 2014

Emerald Insight - top 20 journals being accessed in 2014

Emerald Insight is a global publisher containing the highest quality, peer-reviewed journals in the management field.  Aston University Library provides you with access to 111 of these titles in the areas of business, management, accounting, finance, information management, HR, organisational learning, marketing, logistics and engineering journals.

The top 20 journal titles currently being accessing by Aston University staff and students are:

  1. Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering
  2. On the Horizon
  3. Leadership & Organization Development Journal
  4. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development
  5. Journal of Health Organization and Management
  6. European Journal of Training and Development
  7. International Journal of Bank Marketing
  8. Campus-Wide Information Systems
  9. Sensor Review
  10. Employee Relations: The International Journal 
  11. Balance Sheet
  12. International Journal of Public Sector Management
  13. Journal of Service Management
  14. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management
  15. Journal of Educational Administration
  16. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology
  17. Program: electronic library and information systems
  18. Internet Research
  19. Journal of Documentation
  20. Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal
The Emerald Insight collection provides research articles covering a wide range of disciplines taught at Aston University and over a 100 of our academics have published in these journals.  You can  also read our very own Information Assistant Alison Lobo's article on "Measuring the quality, value and impact of academic libraries: the role of external standards"

Access Emerald Insight via our subject LibGuides and choosing the Journals tab

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