10 January 2014

Library 24/6 Opening

Welcome Back and Happy New Year

The Library is currently open 24/6 and this will continue until Friday 7 February inclusive.
We hope that you can make good use of the Library during this revision and examination period. 

During 24/6 the Library is open all the time from 11:00 on Sunday mornings through to 18:00 on Saturday evenings. 
  • Please bring your uniCARD each time you visit the Library to swipe in
  • Do take regular breaks - you can eat your snacks on Ground floor
  • Please switch phones to silent mode as you go upstairs - if you need to take a call, then please move to the stairwells so that you don't disturb other students studying for exams.
If you need somewhere really quiet to study, then the 3rd floor of the Library is the place to go.  It is a very peaceful and quiet study environment.  Aston University students get top marks for dedicated, silent study!

Best of luck for revision and exams and please let us know if we can help you - speak to a member of Library staff or email library@aston.ac.uk

Library Public Services Team

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