20 January 2014

Are you looking for datasets? Have you tried Quandl?

Quandl is a search engine that has indexed millions of time-series datasets from over 400 sources. All of Quandl's datasets are open and free. You can download any Quandl dataset in any format that you want. You can also visualize, save, share, authenticate, validate, upload, index, merge and transform data. You can find data on commodities, interest rates, exchange rates, global stock indices and much more..

Try scrolling down the Quandl home page to the “browse pages” section to get an overview of the coverage, and also look at the Quandl data sources page.

You can also search Quandl using API.  Quandl is really just a light web app that sits on top of an API.   The basic idea is that every dataset is identified by a unique id. The Prague Stock Index is uniquely identified by the code 'PRAGUESE/PX'. The unique code for any dataset is always visible on the dataset page beside the word "Quandl Code".  New for 2014, you can download  CSV files containing Quandl codes for all stock tickers, futures symbols, country codes and currencies.

If you would like to keep up to date with Quandl news they have a Twitter feed, Blog, YouTube tutorials and much more.  Just click on the Blogcontact to find out more.

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