12 December 2013

Open Access: The Facts

Open Access publications are publications with unrestricted access and reuse.

In 2013 ‘Wiley’ carried a survey to understand the current state of open access.
Some of the key results of this survey are illustrated in the infographic below.
Key Acronyms used:
OA: Open Access
APC: Article Processing Charges
CC-BY-NC: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial
CC-BY: Creative Commons Attribution

1 comment:

  1. In the lower right corner, "Most preferred license" is in percent of what? It is hard to guess with two percentages that indicate that "most preferred" is somehow not mutually exclusive between the two, i.e. clearly it is not for example "81% of OA journals use CC-BY-NC while 71% of OA journals use CC-BY instead"...