3 September 2013

Westlaw - search enhancements

Throughout 2013 Westlaw UK has made a number of enhancements to the database  search functionality including suggested terms and relevancy ranking. The latest enhancement to Westlaw UK search is the introduction of filtering to search results.

The new search filtering enhancement will let you refine results, saving time and effort. Filtering is applied across all of Westlaw UK (excluding books and EU),
  • Filtering over whole results set (not limited to 4,000)
  • Further enhances ease of searching Westlaw UK
  • Detailed indexing allows filtering by topic, date, jurisdiction, content type, court and status
  • Ability to filter across all possible results and not just the capped list for display
  • Ability to Print, Download, E-mail and Folder from filtered results
  • Ability to save the filtered results for alerting
  • Ability to save the filtered results for RSS
  • Ability to build links to the filtered results
For more information view their newsletter or download the Westlaw UK Search Guide

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