12 September 2013

Library Refurbishment, Phase 2 - Changes to ventilation

It has been a busy week for the refurbishment project.  The scaffolding has been taken down at the back of the Library and the main Library Office window is now free of scaffold poles and planks of wood.  The builders have been nothing but professional whilst visible from the office window.

The next stage of the building work is to begin adding the cavity wall insulation and to reconfigure the duct work in the ground floor plantroom.  More duct pipes have been arriving and the cradles for the cavity wall insulation have been installed at the side of the Library Building.

The work does mean that the ventilation will be turned off tomorrow until 5:00pm on Monday 16th September.  This should not effect the environment in the Library Building as the air conditioning will continue to work.  However, if you do feel you would like to study elsewhere please note that there are additional study facilities available 

MB561, 563 and 565 (60 spaces); MB606 (80 spaces); SW309 (30 spaces); NW109 (60 spaces); MBG8 (40 spaces) and the MB Sky Lift Lobbies (60 spaces).

The MB PG suite, i.e. MB225, 227, 229, 231, 234 and 246 (200 spaces), is available to postgraduates for study during the evenings and weekends.
If you have any queries or comments about the refurbishment please contact the Library via library@aston.ac.uk 
New refurbishment photographs are available via the Library Flickr account 

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