2 August 2013

Library refurbishment, Phase 2 - machines take over

There is a now a loud humming in the Library Office and no it is not the Library staff singing while they work.  We have been introduced to Annie and Arthur who have joined us for a short time to help cool the temperature down in the office.  Due to the next stage of the building work, the chillers have been turned off for a couple of weeks so the building contractors can work on the ducting.  However, they have kindly supplied us two air conditioning units to help with the rising temperature in the office.

There are no new photos of the refurbishment progress this week.  However, everything seems to be running to schedule.  Views of the contractor's base, behind the library, show a huge supply of plasterboard and ducting, which has been moving up to 2nd and 3rd floors in the external lift.

To the view the refurbishment photographs so far please access our Flickr site

Kind Regards
The Library Photography Team
Kerstin, Nicola and Val

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  1. I thought they were named Zig and Zag?