9 August 2013

Library Refurbishment, Phase 2 - 2nd and 3rd floor progress

It has been another hot week in the Library and we apologise for any discomfit that you have endured while the chillers have been turned off.  Arthur and Annie have been working overtime in the Library Office trying to keep us cool.  Please assured that the builders are working hard on implementing the new air conditioning system as part of the refurbishment project and we should have a better temperature in the Library soon. 

The latest photos show the arrival of the conductors and the crane lifting them in place on the top of the Library roof.

The different study areas are now starting to take shape on the 2nd and 3rd floors including the Flexible Group Study Rooms.  To view all the latest refurbishment photographs please take a look at our Flickr page

Kind Regards
The Library Photography Team
Kerstin, Nicola and Val

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