2 January 2013

Thomson Reuters Q & A Sessions in January 2013

Do you use the financial numerical database Datastream? Are you working in the ABS Trading Room with Reuters 3000xtra database? Would you like further help extracting data?

Thomson Reuters are offering Question and Answer sessions for students using the Datastream and Reuters 3000xtra databases. If you are having problems extracting data and would like advice please feel free to sign up for one of the Q&A sessions.

· Client trainers from Thomson Reuters will be holding online Q&A sessions to answer your questions regarding data on DataStream
 · No need to have the product in front of you, just the question that you want answering
 · No need to join a conference call, they will use Adobe chat… however, if you really want to talk to a trainer they will provide a number to call
· To sign up, email: knowledge.networkUKI@thomsonreuters.com stating the date, time and product session as well as your University email address.

Leave the rest to Thomson Reuters! They will email you with the login details for the 1 hour sessions.  
Dates and Times are:
Tuesday 22nd January 2013 – 11:00
Wednesday 30th January 2013 - 14:00  

Reuters 3000xtra
Wednesday 23rd January 2013 - 14:00
Tuesday 29th January 2013 - 11:00

Malcolm Horne
Business Information Specialist

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