14 January 2013

Library SmartSearch Issues

We are currently experiencing some issues with the workings of Library SmartSearch.  These are:
1. When accessing it on-campus you are being asked to log in as if you were off-campus
2.  Some of the results in the search list have an option "Linked Full Text" but doesn't take you to the full text.  Instead you get a screen saying record not found.

These problems has been reported to our supplier and we will provide you with an update as soon as we have one.  All other functionality is unaffected and the majority of content is still accessible.

Update to access problem for Library SmartSearch

Our suppliers are still working on the above problems.  However, we have put a temporary fix in place to try and ensure that everyone has access to the full content of Library SmartSearch whether they are on or off campus.

To access Library SmartSearch you should:
1.  Go to http://www.aston.ac.uk/library and click on the Library SmartSearch logo
2.  You will be taken to a log in screen.  Here you should enter your Aston University username and password then click on Login.
3.  You should then be taken to the main search page for Library SmartSearch but be logged in and able to access content.

We will keep you updated on progress but if you have any problems please email library@aston.ac.uk

Resolution to issues with Library SmartSearch

We are pleased to report that our supplier has applied a patch which seems to have fixed the issues mentioned in this post.  You should now be able to access Library SmartSearch and all of its content without a problem.  If you have any problems please let us know by emailing library@aston.ac.uk

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