15 February 2012

Staff Student Consultative Committees - an important route for feedback

At this point in term, your Information Specialists are attending Staff Student Consultative Committees for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate programmes, to communicate developments in Library & Information Services and to collect feedback from students. 

Developments which the Information Specialists will be raising include:
  • A new colour printer in the library, which you will find on the ground floor - the old one has been moved to the 2nd floor, so there are now two available.
  • LIS's series of podcasts has been well received so far - subscribe via the Library Website or iTunes and send your feedback.
  • New Whiteboard paint has been used on one wall in each group study room on the ground floor, to improve facilities for collaborative work.
  • The Library will be opening 24/6 from 4th March to 23rd March.
  • DANU students can now renew 1-day loan items online.
  • A reminder that books must be returned before the Easter vacation, or renewed over the vacation - if the book is reserved you will be required to return it, perhaps by post.
This is an important communication route for us to hear about both specific problems (such as availability of a core text book) to more general feedback about our services and facilities.
Please talk to your local student representatives if you have any issues you would like to raise at your Staff Student Consultative Committee, or you are always welcome to contact us directly.

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