9 February 2016

Financial database - Datastream

Datastream is a worldwide financial analysis tool that you can use to obtain data. Worldwide equity coverage direct from the stock markets, comprehensive market indices, economics data direct from national government sources as well as the OECD and IMF, fixed income securities and associated indices, commodities and derivatives data. Datastream provides a range of charting and reporting tools that enable you to manipulate and display, or simply download that data in the way that you want. With Datastream you can also get a set of Microsoft Office add-ins that enable you to access the Datastream database directly from within Excel- create and embed data requests that put the data you want straight into your spreadsheet.

Further information can be found on any of the Business LibGuides 

LocationThe Datastream software is located on the 1st floor of the Library on a standalone computer.  There is a telephone attached to the wall which you can use to phone the Datastream 24 hour helpline.  There are also a series of written guides to support you.

Booking Datastream
You can book a 2 hour research session using the online booking system at

We request that the booking is limited to two hours but if no-one is due after your two hours have been completed, please feel free to continue.

Need some help? You can…
1. Contact your Business Librarians LS_Businesslibrarian@aston.ac.uk giving details of your query
2. Contact the 24 hour helpline using the telephone on the wall – just press Datastream.

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