20 September 2016

Freshers - Information Market

The Information Market is a chance to find out about all the support services in the University and how they can help you.  You can find it in the Main Building just follow the signs for the Great Hall anytime between 11:00 and 15:00.

Come along and chat to services such as Sports Aston, Mentoring, Careers, Learning Development Centre, Banks, Counselling Service, Wellbeing, Environmental, Chaplaincy and much much more.  All the stands will have goodies and information to take away.

The Library stand will feature the infamous Target Game.  Pit your wits against the board to try and win a prize. 

There is a chance to win "Tea for Two" at Boston Tea Party on Corporation Street, 32G memory sticks and other goodies.

You can also ask the friendly library staff any questions you might have about the Library service or just come along for a chat, to mingle with the other students and there are always chocolates - lots of chocolates

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