20 May 2016

Going away for the summer vacation? Advice on what to do about Library books

In anticipation of the summer vacation, the Library wishes all students a very pleasant summer break.
If you're going away for the summer vacation then please bear in mind that books are subject to recall (so may be due back before the start of term 1). With this is mind:
  • Don't leave books that you don't need in your accommodation (or anywhere you can't get hold of them)
  • Please return any books you don't need to the Library before you go away
  • Don't take books abroad in case someone reserves the books and you need to return them

Whilst you are away:
  1. Check your Library Record regularly to see when your books are due back
  2. Please check your Aston email frequently over the vacation period in case a book that you've borrowed gets recalled.  
If a book does get recalled, then you will need to return it to the Library in person or by post
Please be aware that fines of £3.50 apply per day if the book is returned after the new due date in the email recall notification. 

We are sure we will continue to see some of you during this period and in the meantime we will also be busy preparing for the new academic session.

Best regards
Library Public Services Team

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