2 December 2015

Going away for the Christmas break? Advice on what to do about your Library books

If you're going away for the Christmas break then please:

  • Don't leave books that you don't need in your accommodation (or anywhere you can't get hold of them)
  • Please return them to the Library before you go away
  • Don't take books abroad in case someone reserves the books and you need to return them
If a 7 day loan book is taken out on: 
  • Monday 14th December it will be due back on Monday 21st December
  • Tuesday 15th December it will be due back Tuesday 22nd December
  • Wednesday 16th December it will be due back on Wednesday 23 December
  • Thursday 17th December it will be due back on Monday 4th January
  • Friday 18th December - Wednesday 23 December it will be due back on Monday 4th January
No books will be due back when the Library building is closed from 24th December 2015 to 3rd January 2016 inclusive and no fines will apply on closed dates.  You won't be able to return books during this period.

Are your books due back 4th - 11th January?

  • Check your Library Record to see when your book is due back
  • Renew the book if it hasn't been reserved in the meantime
  • If the book has been reserved and you can't renew it, then you will need to return the book to the Library in person or by postPlease be aware that fines of £3.50 apply per day if the book is returned after the due date. 
  • Please check your Aston email frequently over the vacation period in case a book that you've borrowed gets recalled and is subject to a fine.  

Enjoy the break!

Lydia Matheson

on behalf of the Library Team

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