19 November 2015

Springer's Gold Open Access agreement for UK authors

We've some great news regarding Gold Open Access publishing.  Springer, together with JISC, have introduced a new publishing model which allows corresponding authors at Aston to publish in Springer Open Choice journal titles without the need to pay a Gold OA fee (APC), the costs now being covered as part of our subscription instead.  This means Aston researchers can make use of the benefits of free and immediate Gold Open Access (via selection of the CC BY licence) in over 1,600 Springer journal titles - benefitting yourselves, the institution and everyone world-wide.

The publishing process has been streamlined too as the scheme is based on a straightforward verification process and does not involve local case-by-case applications for APCs.  Lots more details are provided in this link: http://www.springer.com/gp/open-access/springer-open-choice/springer-compact/for-uk-authors-intro/731990.

We look forward to you using the scheme!

Please contact us at openaccess@aston.ac.uk with your questions.  For general guidance on OA publishing, both Gold and Green, please visit: libguides.aston.ac.uk/openaccess.

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