13 August 2015

Royal Society of Chemistry - Open Access update

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  • The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) have just publicized on their blog that the leading journal Chemical Science is now Gold Open Access, which means readers can access it free of charge. The RSC has also waived the author Open Access publishing fees for two years, making it even easier for researchers' work to reach the world.
  • The other journal titles in the RSC's portfolio, pubs.rsc.org/en/journals, are fully Gold, meaning all articles have a fee paid to be made Open Access, or are 'hybrid' subscription journals, where individual articles can be made Gold Open Access.  
  • We still have Gold vouchers left which operate in lieu of paying an 'article processing charge' (APC) fee, so please ask us at openaccess@aston.ac.uk if you're submitting an article for publication, or have had one just accepted, and are interested in going Gold; more details of the scheme are here: "Gold for Gold".

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