28 July 2015

Library Go Green Team win an award

we hope you will join us in congratulating the Library Go Green Team who received their Aston Excellence Award last week. Here are some of the achievements over the last year:

  • Monthly challenges: collecting items to send to charity e.g. spectacles, unwanted jewellery, Christmas cards and stamps, unwanted Christmas gifts
  • Involved very actively in Go Green Week including maintaing a book display, recycling game, members of staff attended the Go Green quiz night 

  •  Weekly Go Green input into LS bulletin

  • Took part in planting event and plants given “homes” by Library staff 

  •  Book Swap –  with remainder offered for free holiday reading

  •  Rescued academic books - sold at a discount price to students 
  • Recycle unwanted library books by sending them to charity

  •  Lighting levels in the library are checked to ensure that the lowest comfortable levels were set and that the lights time out periods were the most efficient they could be.

  •  Recycling whiteboard and other pens (in addition to the monthly challenge)

  •  Leaflets and posters now reduced  to a minimum and all library information where possible is in electronic form including requests for journals

  •  Reduced our paper usage; redesigning forms, reusing forms and wherever possible online versions of forms used.

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