4 November 2014

Linking to journal articles using Find it @ Aston : NOW RESOLVED

**The Find it @ Aston service started showing links properly again at around 4.30 yesterday. Apologies to all for the disruption** There is currently a problem with linking to journal articles using the Find it @ Aston service. The supplier is looking into this as a matter of urgency - it's affecting all of their customers and isn't just local to us. In the meantime, if you have a journal article citation and you'd like to get the full-text, you can still access it by going via the Journals A-Z. Just type in the title of the journal and then link through to the relevant platform to access the article you need. This blog post will be updated when the problem has been fixed.


  1. There seems to be another issue with this. Still not following the links to articles. Issue found at 14:00 16.11.14

  2. As far as we are aware everything should be working again now. If anyone has any further problems with Find it @ Aston please send a screenshot and details of the issue to library@aston.ac.uk so we can investigate.
    Library Enquiries Team