4 February 2014

Web of Science: browser display problems

The Web of Knowledge got a new look and feel during January, including a new name, Web of Science.  However, we have had some reports that the Web of Science is not displaying or functioning properly in some instances of Internet Explorer (IE). 

If you are experiencing problems with the display of Web of Science in IE (e.g. boxes overlapping, results pushed to bottom of screen), you may find a solution here:
  • IE versions 7 or earlier are not supported browsers for Web of Science - please upgrade your browser to a more recent version.
  • Check whether you have "Compatibility View" enabled - the Web of Science will not work if this is enabled, so you will have to switch this off.  For IE 10, press the Alt key to display the Menu bar, select the Tools menu, and select Compatibility Settings.
  • Use another web browser - we have had no reported problems with Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.
If you are still experiencing problems, please send a screenshot to your Information Specialist.

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