18 March 2013

Thank you for helping to maintain a good environment for study

Please take the time to read this information so that you are aware of the Library rules and regs, which are particularly important during the examination period

Examinations and silent study 
The 3rd floor of the Library is always for single silent study. If you would like to talk or discuss ideas, then please move to a group study area or to the stairwells.  Please take note, that from Monday 25th March, the 2nd floor of the Library will also be for silent study.

If you are disturbed by noise from other students anywhere in the Library, then please speak to a member of Library staff or text 0121 204 4489, so that we can assist.

Warnings for talking, using phone, eating on floors where restricted
Students receive “warnings” for talking/using phone/eating where these are not permitted.
Here is a quick summary of rules:
  • No talking on 3rd floor but please keep noise levels down wherever possible - particularly on Ground floor where noise carries (from 25 March there will be no talking on 2nd floor also)
  • Please switch phones to silent on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors and use stairwells for phonecall conversations 
  • Eating cold snacks is permitted on Ground Floor only - consumption of food is not permitted on upper floors 
When they have received 3 warnings, students will be sent an email to notify them that a fine of £15 has been applied to their Library account. There is no “limit” but every warning after the first 2 will result in a fine. Warnings go on a student's Library record (not the student record system) and are cleared each academic year.

If you are issued with a warning, then please remember that the warnings are there to ensure that the rules are abided by, in order to maintain an effective study environment for all students.   

For the safety and security of all Library users, students are required to swipe in to the Library and carry their uniCARD at all times. Please be prepared to show your uniCARD to a designated member of staff, if asked to do so. Refusing to show a uniCARD can lead to a disciplinary, which would be recorded on the student record system.  If a Library user cannot show ID, then Security will be called.   

Day visitors
If you are thinking of bringing a friend to the Library to study, please be aware that there is no access to day visitors (non members of the University), or students from other universities with a SCONUL Access Reference card, from Monday 25 March.  This is to help maximise study space for Aston University students during our busiest period.

If you’re not sure about Library Regulations, then now’s the time to find out.
Please see: http://www1.aston.ac.uk/library/about-us/02libregs/ 

The Library Regulations are there for the benefit of all Library users, so thank you again for helping to maintain a good environment for study.  

Help us to help you study more effectively!

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