8 November 2012

Smarten up your searching!

If you are getting the results you want from the Library SmartSearch, great!  We're glad you're finding what you need.

However, when you're not getting results as relevant as you hoped, here are some tips for improving your search:
  • Enclose a phrase in quotation marks to find only those items where your words appear in the order you have typed them in:  "doing your literature review". 
  • Use Advanced Search to specify where your keywords should be found:
  • Search for word variants or alternative spellings by using wild cards: 
    organi?ational behavi*
  • Widen your search by using OR to link words which refer to the same concept: 
    "higher education" OR university
  • Make your results more relevant by forcing your keywords to appear near each other.  The near operator (Nn) finds words within n words of one another:  student N3 mentor
For more tips on improving your search, click on the Help Icon which you will see next to the search box.  Alternatively, e-mail the Help Desk.

Let us know your thoughts on the Library SmartSearch by providing feedback

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