28 June 2012

Mobile device enhancements on Cambridge journals platform

The latest release of Cambridge Journals Online functionality includes new developments for mobile devices.

Mobile Device Twinning
Using your Aston University instiutional access, you can now twin your mobile devices with the Cambridge Journals platform, so that you can access subscriptions when off campus. Devices can be twinned via the Cambridge platform while on Aston's WiFi network, or remotely by using the ‘Mobile Device Twinning’ option on the Cambridge platform, which provides a twinning code that can be entered into the device. Further information is available on Cambridge's blog.

Kindle Button
A ‘Send to Kindle’ button is now displayed at article level. When clicked, a box is displayed into which the reader can enter their Kindle email address. CJO will then send the article to the reader’s Kindle, where it will appear in the home screen when the device is synced. Further information is available on Cambridge's blog.

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