8 May 2012

Book Citation Indexes - 3 Month Trial

The Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index fully indexes over 30,000 editorially selected books in the sciences, social sciences and humanities (with an emphasis on the social sciences and humanities), from 2005 to the present. 10,000 new books are added each year, and all are indexed at the chapter level.  This new resource is intended to extend the discovery and analysis capabilities of the Web of Knowledge by including comprehensive book citation data.

For a brief introduction to the Book Citation Index, see the 3-min recorded training provided by Thomson Reuters or read the factsheet.

The Book Citation Index has now been enabled on a three month trial basis (from 7 May) and is accessible via the Web of Knowledge.  If you are off campus, access the Web of Knowledge via Aston e-Library.

If you have any comments about this resource, feel free to leave them below.

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  1. Please be advised that the trial of the Book Citation Index in Web of Science ends on 7th August 2012. Thomson Reuters are interested to hear your feedback if you had the opportunity to take advantage of this trial.

    Their feedback form is at:
    Thomson Reuters say: "Your feedback will help
    us to understand how useful and user-friendly you found this new index. As always, we appreciate your feedback."