5 March 2012

Do you use Datastream or the ABS Trading Room?

ABS Students,

Will you need to use the research database Datastream for your dissertation? Are you registered to use the ABS Trading Room? Then you might be interested in the Question and Answer sessions run by the company Thomson Reuters that provide the two resources; Datastream and 3000Xtra.

How does it work?
All your data questions are answered using interactive Adobe e-training sessions and are 1 hour long.

What you need to do!
To sign up email knowledge.networkuki@thomsonreuters.com and state the date, time and session you would like to enroll on to. Include your email address. They will email you with the rest of the information.

Thursday 15-03-2012 at 3pm

Tuesday   06-03-2012 at 2pm
Thursday 15-03-2012 at 11am

Nicola Dennis
Information Specialist

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