3 January 2012

Library 24 hour opening starts Tuesday 3 January

Dear staff and students,

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

The Library is open 24 hours from today, Tuesday 3 January until Friday 20 January for the examination period. Please check the Library web site for opening hours. We hope that you can make good use of the Library during this period. If you need a quiet place to study, please remember that the third floor is for single silent study at all times. If you have any problems with noisy neighbours in the Library, or if you need help with finding resources, then please do not hestitate to speak to staff at the Help desk on the Ground floor or email: library@aston.ac.uk

Please be aware that as of 01 January 2012 it is a University requirement for all staff and students to visibly display their uniCARDS within campus buildings (including the Library) during 'out of hours' periods. Lanyards (and clips) for ID badges are available at Security, the HUB and the ARC.

The 'out of hours' periods during vacation are between the hours of:
6pm - 8am Monday - Friday
6pm - 8am Friday - Monday

The 'out of hours' periods during term-time are between the hours of:
8pm - 8am Monday - Friday
6pm - 8am Friday - Monday

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Best regards
Lydia Matheson
Public Services Co-ordinator (Customer Experience)

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