15 November 2011

Aston e-Library: failed to load custom tile

We have become aware of an intermittent problem with Aston e-Library.  Some users have been getting an error message when searching by topic using the default search box within Aston e-Library.

failed to load custom tile

We have contacted our provider to try to resolve this problem as quickly as possible, but it is only affecting some users, so we have not yet identified the exact nature of the problem.  If you experience this problem, please can you e-mail us to tell us:
  • which web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 8) you are using to access Aston e-Library
  • which operating system (e.g. Windows 7) you are using
  • which device (e.g. smartphone, laptop PC, Mac) you are using.
In the meantime, we suggest you try using a different web browser to access Aston e-Library.  As the problem appears to be intermittent, this has been an effective solution for some users!  If you are using Internet Explorer, for example, you could try Mozilla Firefox instead.

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