7 October 2011

Study spaces within the Library Building

Group Study Spaces
Most of the group study spaces are located on the ground floor of the Library Building. Using the large study tables or the comfortable seating areas, you can work in groups to discuss your assignments, prepare presentations and plan tasks. feel free to use the whiteboards provided to make notes of your discussions. The 1st floor contains quiet study carrels and group study spaces in the Learning Development Centre.

Flexible Study floor
The 2nd floor of the Library is a Flexible Study area. During the examination period and throughout term three, the 2nd floor will be for silent study only. During the rest of the year, it will be available for use as group study space.

Silent Study
We have designated the 3rd floor as a Silent Study area, where noise must be kept to a minimum, so as not to interfere with individual quiet study. If you need to talk to someone, please move to a group study area or to the stairwell. If you are working in a silent study area and are disturbed by noise from others, please contact a member of Library staff who will deal with the problem immediately.

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