20 June 2011

Booking research time on Datastream

Datastream Booking Information
The Library provides access to Datastream via a single computer on the 1st floor of the Library. In order to try and balance student’s requests to access the Datastream database, the Library has provided a booking diary which students can find next to the computer. The information provided by the computer requests that students only book ONE HOUR slots with the potential to remain on the database if there are no bookings made after that hour.

Unfortunately, students are block booking up to FOUR hours at a time which is preventing other students having access to the software. Please be aware that over the next few weeks there will be increasing pressure from students wanting to use the software and you may find that the Library has reduced your booking to the requested ONE HOUR.

If you are a student struggling to gain any research time on the Datastream software please contact Nicola Dennis n.dennis@aston.ac.uk who is the Information Specialist responsible for the database and she will look in to the booking slots and try and help you gain some time on the computer.

Kind Regards
Nicola Dennis
Business Information Specialist
Aston University Library

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