6 October 2010

Photocopying and printing in the Library

Follow-Me system

You can add credit to your uniCARD in 3 ways:

  • Online at http://followme.aston.ac.uk/ (Minimum top-up is £5 maximum is £30)
  • Using the credit top-up machine on second floor of the Library (£5 notes)
  • Using the credit top-up machine outside the ISA Helpdesk, Main Building East 477 (£5 notes)

Please contact ISA Helpdesk for help or queries with online payments, email isa_helpdesk@aston.ac.uk and telephone +44(0) 121 204 3445.

Helpdesk Main Building East 477
(8:30am until 5:00pm Mondays to Fridays)


  1. the link: http://followme.aston.ac.uk/ does not work i tried to topup my card from home but could not. Please sort this problem ASAP

  2. At the moment you can only use the http://followme.aston.ac.uk/ link on campus to top up online.

  3. You can't use the followme link either if you're on campus, but using a laptop. Why?

  4. Good news! We have now had confirmation from ISA that the FollowMe link has been updated to be accessible off campus and also via the wireless network.