26 July 2010

Floorplans of Library Refurbishment

You can now view the architects' floorplans of the Library refurbishment. You can also follow the progress of the renovations as they happen via Flickr.


  1. Hi,
    If the cafe is 'inside' the barrier, how will it deal with visitors, and how will the coffee grinder affect the noise levels?
    Tim x4228

  2. Thanks for your comment Tim. You're right, the cafe is inside the barrier, but it will have a hatch that visitors who don't want to come into the Library can use. If you look on the Ground floor axonometric view image, you can see the hatch in the purple wall and some bar stools for visitors to sit on. As the ground floor will be a social learning space, we expect there to already be a certain "buzz" and we don't think that the noise from the cafe will be a problem as there will be provision for silent study space on the upper floors.

  3. Thanks, and I'm subscribed to the comments feeds too now