6 August 2009

Reclassification of Library books

Library & Information Services (LIS) is currently reclassifying a portion of its book stock. The reclassification project will ensure that in the future there will only be one system (the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme) used to classify all the book stock.

The outcome of this project will enable the Library to take full advantage of books arriving from our suppliers fully processed and ready for the shelf. The benefits will include improved supply times and releasing staff to work in strategically important areas, such as training and helping students. It will also reduce the overheads of manual intervention on every book we purchase (date and spine labels etc)

During this time there will inevitably be some inconvenience to our users. In particular, there will be inconsistencies between the book location/class number shown on the catalogue and that of the actual location and class number in the library. All books will still be on the Catalogue and in alphanumeric order on the shelves.

Please contact a member of the library staff if you have difficulty in finding a book on the shelf or email library@aston.ac.uk

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